Designed in Italy, easy to use, world renowned quality, precise and synonymous with professional detailers worldwide – the Rupes range of random orbital polishers will have even the most worn out paint looking a million dollars!



Now, Sparesbox is bringing you the Rupes 15mm and 21mm polisher kits and we couldn’t be more excited! Having seen these weapons in action, we can confidently say that these will change the way you detail your car! How you might be asking, well! By running a large random orbit pattern that does all the work for you, it means that all that’s left for you to manually do is guide it over the surfaces of your car!


With no training needed and no need to be nervous about using the tools, they’re perfect for all users from hobbyist right through to the full-time enthusiast! Even better – the kits that Sparesbox has on offer include everything you could possible need!


Rupes Bigfoot

Above: The Rupes Bigfoot 15mm & Coarse Blue Pad



The polishing compounds and foam pads included in the pack have been specifically tuned by Rupes to perform at their optimal level and allows the user to machine polish any painted surface safely, which is vital as surprisingly, a lot of people are scared by the thought of machine buffing, and efficiently remove fine scratches, oxidisation, wash marks and leave a swirl free finish every time you pull out the kit!



What Are The Differences Between The Rupes Kits?

The difference between these two kits are the machine polishers themselves. Physically they are the same size and weight, the differences are in the pad diameter and pad orbit!


The 15mm orbit polisher is most suitable to the curvaceous nature of a modern car as it possesses the ability to get into tighter spaces due to the smaller pad and orbit. The little brother can feel a little more nimble than the bigger brother, the 21mm tool, which is more suited to larger, flatter areas, like those of older cars, vans and buses.



What Do The Rupes Kits Include?

In these kits you will find all the essentials required to get the job done next weekend! Including:

  1. Machine polisher (21mm or 15mm)
  2. Medium polish
  3. Medium pad
  4. Fine polish
  5. Fine pad
  6. Pad cleaning tool
  7. Microfibre cloths


Rupes Bigfoot Pads



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