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Ryco Fuel Filters… Now for Spitfires too!

By Peter Uther

Sat Oct 24 2015

Every day at Sparesbox we sell a heap of filters. But it isn’t every day that a customer calls you out of the blue to enquire about a Ryco Filter for his aeroplane. And it certainly isn’t every day that the aeroplane the customer has is a WWII era Spitfire with a 5L 180hp 8-cylinder engine in it!

WWII era Spitfire - Ryco Filters


Whilst not an original Spitfire, this example is a ‘kit’ aircraft from Supermarine and is 80% scale.

Murray decided to take on the big project for his retirement, and what better way to take up your newly found free time than undertaking such an ambitious build. Nonetheless, it is coming along nicely, and with the freshly rebuilt engine having just arrived it is closer than ever to taking to the skies.

WWII era Spitfire - Ryco Filters 2


Murray tells us that once finished, the plane will be subjected to at least 25 hours of test flying at his home airfield in WA. Good on you Murray – we look forward to seeing it take to the air.

To see one in action, check out the following vid: