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Should I Fix My Car Before Upgrading?

By Linda Quan

Wed Oct 14 2020

Your old banger has been in the shop more times than you’d like this month, and you’re already on a first name basis with your mechanic. Is it time to upgrade to a new model or is your car worth saving? When it comes to choosing between purchasing a new car or fixing your old one, there’s a couple of things to consider: cost, time and usage. Let’s take a look at these in more detail.


1. What’s the total cost of repairs?

Alright folks, it’s time to do some maths. Gather up all of your receipts from the past 2 years and add them up. Then take a good look at your car and estimate how much future repairs will cost. Is that something you’re willing to spend or are you better off buying a new car at this point?

P.S. Here’s a handy tip – you can save a lot of money by doing the repairs yourself and purchasing the parts online! Check out our range of filters, oils, suspension and more - we’ve got some seriously competitive prices and great deals that’ll help you save some big bucks!


2. What’s the price of a new car?

Ok – so you’ve added up the cost of your repairs. Now let’s compare it to the cost of a new car. But, if you’re like the average Aussie with not a lot of time on their hands, it’s going to be tough travelling from dealership to dealership (and putting up with insistent salespeople) just to get some numbers.

That’s where Price My Car comes in – Price My Car is a website that shows you real prices from local dealerships, so you can go into any dealership armed with knowledge and a tool for negotiation. With Price My Car, you know exactly what other people have paid for a new car, and you’ll even be notified of areas where you can find the same car for cheaper! Pretty cool, right?


3. How do you use your car?

You’ve crunched the numbers and compared the cost of repairing vs. replacing. Now it’s time to think about how you will use your car and for what. If you’re the sort of person who takes their car to work every day or you’ve got a young family and need a dependable ride to take them to school, it’s probably a good idea to purchase a new car that won’t break down on the highway.

If you're after a new car, Price My Car not only gives you real BMW, Toyota and Subaru car prices (plus all other makes!) that other people have paid, you'll even receive exclusive discounted offers straight from the dealers. All that’s left to do is for you to choose the best deal!

On the flip side, if you know your car is going to take a beating and can live on for a few more years if you replace a couple of parts, it’s a good idea to hold onto it. Even better if you’re handy with a wrench and know your way around a car – a few minor DIY fixes here and there can greatly increase the lifespan of your car.