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Love Your Car – 5 Tips To Show Your Car Love

By Sam Young

Fri Feb 16 2018

Here at Sparesbox, we love our cars just as much as the next person. We depend on them just like they depend on us.

This Valentine’s Day, show your car how much it means to you with these 5 Tips To Show Your Car Love.


1. Replacing your Wiper Blades. Your car’s wiper blades deteriorate with time. Left outside in the elements 24/7 to face some of the harshest sun and heaviest rain we can throw at them. A replacement set is an inexpensive addition to your car can drastically improve both looks and functionality.

At Sparesbox, the most common questions we get with wiper blades is what are the best wiper blades and which wiper blade size is right for my car? No matter what you drive, we have every car covered with the entire range of Bosch Wiper Blades and Tridon wiper blades including the Bosch Aerotwin and Tridon FlexBlade.


2. Restoring Your Headlights. If you’ve ever noticed someone’s yellow and hazy headlights, then you know it’s an eye sore. Constantly facing the brunt of what the roads can throw at them, headlights are often one of the first parts of the car to show their age. The range of headlight restoration kits offered through Sparesbox means you can restore the crystal-clear shine in just a matter of minutes!

Sparesbox range of headlight restoration kits include Permatex, Meguiars and Mothers, including the Permatex Lens Renew Headlight Restoration KitMeguiars Two Step Headlight Restoration Kit, and Mothers Powerball Nu Lens Headlight Renewal Kit. Still not seeing clearly? Try adding a little Windscreen Cleaners and Glass Polish to the mix.


3. Wash Your Car.Washing your car is a right of passage for any car lover. Whether you devote an entire day to it, or rush through it before hitting the open road, Sparesbox extensive range of Car Care products from some of the leading brands such as; Meguiar’s, Mothers, Autoglym, Permatex, MLH, and California Scents, have got something to suit every application.

Car Cleaning can be as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be. The more time you put in, the greater the reward. Sparesbox stock simple car wash products such as Car Wash & Car Shampoo, Wheel Cleaner and Tyre Shine, or, for those not sure what to get- why not get a bit of everything with one of our Car Care Kits that includes all the essentials such as Car Wax, Car Polish, Car Buffers & Polishers, Metal Polishes, and Clay Bar Kits.


4. Get Stuck In To Some Basic Maintenance. Basic car maintenance is one of the easiest ways to show your car you care. Sporadic care and irregular service intervals can lead to higher maintenance cost in the long run. So, with that in mind, get on top of your maintenance with these simple car maintenance tips.

Sparesbox has your basic maintenance covered with an extensive range of air filters, oil filters from brands such as K&n, Ryco, Wesfil and Mann and sparkplugs from brands like NGK, Bosch and Champion. Keep on top of your vehicles fluids with Sparesbox’s range including Nulon, Castrol, Liqui-Moly and Motul. And don’t forget to ensure your electrical system is working correctly! Stock up with our massive selection of Cables, Fuses, and Relays.


5. Wax On Wax Off. Maintaining a clean, shiny and show quality car isn’t easy in a busy schedule. Often taking hours out of your day and testing much of your patience however the end result is always worth it!

Some of the most common questions we’re asked at Sparesbox are What’s the best wax for new car paint?What’s the difference between wax and polish? Can I polish and wax matte finished paint? Are multiple applications of car wax beneficial? How long should I let car wax dry for?

With the Sparesbox range of wax and polish including Mothers, Megauiar’s and Autoglym, we have your best car wax and polish needs looked after.


Love Your Car




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