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Wash Your Car Like a Pro with Autoglym

By Liam Ridings

Wed May 02 2018

Snow foaming car cleaning products are one of the fastest growing segments in aftermarket car care.

If, like us, you’ve been sucked into a vortex of car cleaning videos on Instagram or YouTube and come across the snow foam car cleaning technique, you’re probably wondering how it works.

To put it simply, snow foam cleaning products are designed to dramatically reduce cleaning time and provide a genuine touchless car wash solution. Snow foam car wash products are the perfect way to reduce swirl marks and micro scratching when washing modern, clear-coated paint.

At Sparesbox, we’ve been inundated with car care enthusiasts looking for a smarter, faster way to clean their car. Now, thanks to Autoglym, we have the perfect product for reducing car cleaning time and regaining your Saturday afternoon, Autoglym Polar Blast.

To make things easy, we’ve compiled a list of the products and hardware that you’ll need to reduce your car cleaning time.


What you’ll need


Autoglym Polar Blast

Autoglym Polar Blast takes the stress (and time) out of washing your car. Designed as a pre-wash or all-in-one car wash solution, Autoglym Polar Blast covers your car in a rich blanket of foam that clings to paintwork and gently loosens dirt and soiling.

Autoglym snow foam formula reduces the risk of scratches and swirl marks and provides a genuinely touchless car wash system. Autoglym’s PH neutral formula will not remove any existing layers of polish or wax.


Foaming Spray Gun

A snow foam gun is specifically designed to create the ‘foaming reaction’ by agitating the foaming properties in Autoglym Polar Blast. Due to the popularity of snow foam products, many pressure washers will include a ‘pressure washer soap dispenser or detergent bottle’ attachment as standard.


Pressure Washer

No pressure = no foam

A good pressure washer is the secret to unlocking the full foaming potential of Autoglym Polar Blast. Simply attach the pressure washer to the snow foam attachment with your Autoglym Polar Blast, then spray the car.

Pressure washers are one of the most important tools in your car cleaning arsenal. From shifting stubborn wheel grime to removing caked on dirt, pressure washers take the back ache out of cleaning your car.

The Jetpower Jet360X Pressure Washer is a great starting point for buddying car care enthusiasts. Featuring 2320PSI of pressure generating 360L/hr of flow, it delivers enough power to tackle just about anything you can throw at it. It also includes a detergent bottle and turbo lance that make it ideal for use with Autoglym Polar Blast.