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Sparesbox Road Test: Bendix 4WD SUV Brake Pads

By Peter Uther

Wed Mar 30 2016

Bendix is no small name in the world of brake pads. The Bendix brand has been around for over 60 years, and is today a joint venture of Honeywell and Bosch. Based out of Ballarat, Victoria, the company prides itself on rigorous research, engineering and testing of Bendix products. It’s no wonder Bendix is the preferred choice for mechanics and vehicle owners all over Australia!

Recently it came time for me to change the brake pads in my newly acquired vehicle. A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to pick up a 2008 Subaru Forester XT which a very low 60,000 kilometres on the clock and great service history. The later XT variant of the SG Forester boasts 169kW of power and 320Nm of torque from Subaru’s venerable EJ255 2.5L horizontally opposed four-cylinder turbocharged engine (you can check out my review on this car here). All this power combined with a fairly hefty kerb weight of 1495kg means that life can be hard on the brakes. However, it also means that careful thought needs to be given to replacement pads and rotors when the time comes. For instance, how hard do you use the brakes? Is the car modified and producing even more power? Are you willing to clean lots of brake dust off the rims?

In my case, the Forester is stock standard and will probably stay that way. Also, the older I get, the more I drive like a grandpa, so the brakes don’t cop too much of a flogging. As for brake dust, the less I have to scrub off, the better! So after considering my options carefully, I decided to give the Bendix 4WD SUV Brake Pads ago, and here’s why.


Bendix are big on the details – even the packaging of their pads is first class.

Most importantly, I wanted a responsive brake pad that would work well from cold and would cope with the rigours of my stop-start daily drive from one side of Sydney to the other, whilst also holding up with minimal fade if I decided to tow a trailer on the weekend. The engineers at Bendix had spent a lot of time testing this compound in both the lab and true on and off-road conditions to make sure it was more than up to the task.

I was also sick of the old worn brake pads squealing, so much so that the replacement pads had to be practically silent! Thankfully, Bendix 4WD SUV Brake Pads feature unique Noise Absorbing Shims that are made from unique Fibre Impregnated Rubber Steel technology. This means the shims are impervious to salt, water, oil, and extreme temperatures – so pretty much anything you will get thrown at you on or off-road. They are also shaped to each specific brake pad, so vibrations and noise will continue to be absorbed for the life of the brake pad.


Carbon steel sandwiched between two outer layers of black fibre reinforced rubber means no noise

Last but not least, I wanted a brake pad that would last as long as possible. This is where Bendix’s unique EPR (Epoxy-modified Phenolic Resin) compound comes into play. This high tech material means the brake pad compound (also called colloquially referred to as the ‘meat’) is always bonded together, even at extreme temperatures. So you can expect a long life out of these pads, which equates to lower running costs in the long run.


Bendix are constantly pushing their engineers to come up with new unique features that set their products apart from the competition


If this was a typical brake pad review right now I would be telling you about how we bedded the pads in. But just as Bendix 4WD SUV Brake Pads aren’t a typical brake pad, this isn’t a typical review! You see, these pads also feature another unique Bendix technology, the Blue Titanium Stripe. So they are ready to go straight out of the box, no bedding in required. This means time and potentially money saved in lower labour costs if a mechanic is installing them for you.

So how do they feel on the road? Great! The pedal feel is predictable from the get go, and I haven’t experienced any substantial brake fade even when fully loaded with passengers and luggage whilst tackling the NSW North Coast hinterland. Dust is minimal, in fact they are probably up there as the lowest dusting pad I have ever had fitted to one of my cars, and noise is practically non-existent.

Starting from just $82.95 from Spares Box for the front pads including delivery to your door, Bendix 4WD SUV Brake Pads represent outstanding value and I highly recommend them to anyone with a soft-roader, SUV, or 4×4 who wants to be able to put their foot down with confidence.


If you are changing your brake pads, it is wise to do the brake fluid at the same time. We have a huge range of brake fluids available from the best brands including Castrol, Nulon, and Motul.