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How to quickly remove Tree Sap from Your Car Paintwork

By Brad Nash

Fri Sep 25 2015

Spring means that the trees are in full bloom, and as well as creating all the greenery and beauty that everyone associates with the season of new life, trees also become very large sap producing machines. As spring passes over the area, trees begin producing the sticky, gummy fluid to transport water and nutrients around their body to ensure that they get the very most out of the seasons where they can grow and hopefully sew the seeds of the next generation.

Unfortunately, as anyone who holds a regular parking spot under these unassuming bringers of paintwork doom will tell you, tree sap and car paint do not go together very well. It takes seconds for tree sap to harden onto your exposed bodywork and potentially hours of washing to get it off, a process that can actually result in scratching your paintwork further. In most cases, you can’t even turn it into delicious, delicious syrup either.

Tree Sap Autoglym
This should be going on your pancakes, not your car.


What do you do then? Seems like a lose-lose battle right? WRONG. With Autoglym’s Clay Bar Detailing Kit, all the horrible stuff that can become bonded to your car’s paintwork is no longer a problem. Coming with a bottle of Autoglym’s Rapid Detailer, a Microfibre Finishing Cloth and some of their Super Resin Polish, the clay bar kit is perfect for removing any sap, tar, grime or mud that has accumulated and bonded to your paintwork over time.

If, like me, you’re guilty of neglecting your paintwork a bit, simply spray the detailer on and use the clay bar to safely bring your paintwork back to new without causing any more scratches. Treat with polish and wax, and presto. Your car’s paintwork is ready for the new season.