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The Stedi Light Bar

By Benjamin Hurley

Thu Jan 31 2019

Lighting the road ahead is an important matter for any driver, vital for both your safety on the road and your enjoyment of Australia’s breathtaking wide open spaces. A STEDI Light Bar brings together range, spread, and technological advances to ensure that you see everything you need to while you’re off exploring the outer reaches of our vast and magnificent country.


How to Pick the Right STEDI Light Bar

There are many reasons you might be in the market for a STEDI Light Bar. Maybe you’re an off-road aficionado, looking to light up the darkest reaches of Australia’s dusty outback. Maybe you’re a cross-country driver that needs to keep an eye out for darting roos on poorly lit country roads. Whatever your lighting needs, STEDI is sure to have a lighting bar that will meet them.

The two most popular series of light bars are the ST4K Series and the ST3K Series. Each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, and each is suited to different situations.


ST4K STEDI Light Bar
The ST4K Series offers long range and wide spread

Designed to offer the ultimate in versatility, the ST4K is STEDI’s single-light solution for drivers who want the best of every world. Creating a long-distance beam with an expansive spread, this LED driving light is great when you need to be at maximum levels of awareness across a wide range of conditions. Whether you’re keeping your eyes open for hazards in the distance or trying to notice wildlife loitering along the shoulder of the road, this lighting bar assists you by expanding your field of vision in every direction.


ST4K Stedi Light Bar Comparison
See the difference?

STEDI’s use of CREE LED Technology results in a far brighter beam than many other light bars on the market. This added intensity is what creates the crisp definition of the beam geometry when compared to other driving lights. The combination of a broad spread and far-reaching illumination amounts to far improved visibility.

Still, despite the versatility of the ST4K, some drivers may find that the unit itself draws too much attention once it’s installed on their vehicle. For drivers interested in a subtler look, the ST3K offers the perfect compromise.


ST3K Stedi Light Bar
The ST3K offers high performance despite its compact design


The ST3K Stedi Light Bar series offers something that will be of interest for anyone rocking a space or style-conscious setup – a low-profile design. This unique light bar packs the tech it needs to create a similar beam geometry as the excellent ST4K into a compact and discreet package. This makes it ideal for aesthetically minded drivers who are looking for a powerful lighting solution that won’t interfere with the look of your vehicle.

ST2K STEDI Light Bar
The ST2K – A more specialised lighting solution


The ST2K STEDI Light Bar is unique in STEDI’s catalogue. Its curved design and powerful LEDs mean that it provides excellent mid-to-long range illumination. This makes it a great addition to a pre-existing lighting setup. It offers drivers more visibility exactly where they need it.


What Accessories Should You Get for Your STEDI Light Bar?

The last thing you want when you invest in a brand new set of STEDI lights is to return to your vehicle and discover that some envious fellow explorer has stolen them from your car. Luckily, Sparesbox offers a range of Anti-Theft Kits to help you keep your shiny new lights safe and secure. We also offer a range of adaptors, extension cords, wiring, and everything else you need to get your LED light bar up and running!

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