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Video: Subaru’s WRX STI Type RA Becomes the Fastest Four-Door Around the Nürburgring

By Brad Nash

Tue Sep 19 2017

Hundreds, if not thousands of heavily modified Japanese cars have graced the Nürburgring over the years, arrogantly hoping to wipe the smug grins from supercar makers by setting insane lap times in cars a fraction of the price of their creations.

Often they succeed, but few will ever be capable of topping Subaru‘s latest effort. Over the weekend, their WRX STI Type RA NBR (that stands for Record Attempt Nürburgring) set an incredible time of 6.57.5 around the Nordschliefe.

For context, that’s the fastest a four-door car has ever lapped the ring, 5 seconds faster than a Lamborghini Murcielago SV, and just half a second down on a Porsche 918 Spyder.

If you’re going to spend 7 minutes watching some Nürburgring footage today, make it this.


The car they brought to Nürburgring is, on first glance, quite clearly not a normal Subaru. It’s significantly stripped out, roll-caged frame packs a modified version of the STI’s 2 litre boxer engine that’s also boosted by a huge turbo and a 75mm intake. This power reaches the wheels via Subaru’s trademark AWD system and a WRC-inspired flappy paddle gearbox.

Most of this modification is courtesy of Prodrive, the same company that handles the motorsport programs of Mini, Aston Martin, Volkswagen and Subaru. The end result is that the Type RA produces almost 600hp, nearly double that of the road going STI.

Of course, purists will argue that due to this, it’s not really a legitimate time worth mentioning. We say who cares? It’s an incredible feat of engineering, and as far as Nürburgring videos go, a bucketload of fun to watch.