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SuperPro Introduces…The Brand New Ford Pinion Differential Bush

By Kristen Garland

Wed Apr 15 2015

As you may know, SuperPro is Australia’s premium manufacturer of suspension bushes, sway bar bushing kits and suspension components. And when it comes to innovation – let’s just say, these boys are hard to beat.

In their endless quest for improvement, SuperPro has used the latest hybrid bush technology to produce and reinforce, heavy-duty replacement rear pinion differential bushing for Ford Falcon & Ford Territory (includes the AWD Territory front Differential support bushings).

The hybrid bushes use a patented fibre reinforced polymer shell with a ‘Turbo Voiding’ urethane core to produce a virtually indestructible bush. They are a true mark of SuperPro’s commitment to motoring innovation and permanently solve a problem that has plagued Falcon and Territory’s. SuperPro’s intensive design and testing program has proven these new one piece fibre shell bushes are the best way to maintaining the integrity, performance and optimum function of both static and active suspension bushes.


So what are the benefits?

There’s no need to delve too deep into the technical side of things at this point (SuperPro has already done that for us) – but in a nutshell, here is what these nifty new developments can really do…

  • Easier to fit than standard bushings due to reduced surface preparation
  • A significantly reduced need for buffing and cleaning
  • Less noise and an elimination of oxidation issues
  • Lightweight, durable and cost effective


You may have thought SuperPro products couldn’t get any better, but it looks like they have.


So, if you’re looking for something that will really go the distance, take a closer look at these SuperPro BushesSuperPro Control Arms, SuperPro Sway Bars, and SuperPro Anti Lift Kits – you’ll regret it if you don’t!