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Tesla Extends Battery Range of Cars in Hurricane Irma Affected Areas

By Liam Ridings

Tue Sep 12 2017

Tesla has temporarily increased the battery range of select vehicles in Hurricane Irma affected areas of Florida in a bid to help residents escape.

Tesla’s 60 and 60D vehicles offer drivers a range of just over 300km on a single charge. According to online publication Electrek, Tesla issued the update after one owner was faced with an order to leave, only to realise they wouldn’t have the battery range to make it out of the affected area.

Tesla Hurricane Irma


The upgrade allows owners temporary access to the full 75kWh of energy in the battery pack, an additional extra that would usually cost owners between $4,500 and $9,000 USD.

The ‘over-the-air’ issued update to drivers in Florida unlocks the full battery capacity of 60 and 70 kilowatt-hour Model S and Model X vehicles. One Tesla Model S 60 owner in Florida woke up to find an extra 40 miles (64km) of range in his vehicle as well as a new ‘75’ badge in his car software.

Tesla Hurricane Irma 2


Unfortunately for owners, the update will not stick around forever with batteries expected to resume normal service on the 16th of September.


All Images Courtesy of Tesla