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Tesla Reveals 2020 Roadster

By Liam Ridings

Fri Nov 17 2017

Tesla Reveals 2020 Roadster. Elon Musk has pulled a rabbit out of his hat at the Tesla Semi Event in California by surprising fans with an all new Tesla Roadster.

The second-generation Tesla Roadster will be able to travel from 0-60 miles per hour (96km/h) in just 1.9-seconds and 0-100 miles per hour (192km/h) in a mind-bending 4-seconds. It will be powered by a 200-kilowatt hour battery back that will be able to travel 620 miles (992km) on a single charge.

“It will do the quarter mile in 8.9 seconds” said Musk.

“This will the first time that any production car has broken 9 seconds in the quarter mile.” Right you are, Mr. Musk.

This will be Tesla’s second roadster following a brief hiatus after production of the original roadster ended in 2012 following a four-year production run.

Production will begin in 2020 which means that Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche have less than three years to create a monstrously fast hybrid to combat the tech heads from Silicon Valley.


Image Courtesy of Tesla