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The Brands Behind Sparesbox: Ryco Filters

By Brad Nash

Mon Jul 27 2015

Following our last interview with the good folks at SuperPro, we’re very proud to publish the next edition in our line of interviews with some of Sparebox’s most trusted suppliers. This week we focus on Ryco, who for the last 75 years have emerged as an Australian institution in the world of automotive filtration.

Ryco Marketing Officer Melissa Simpson


Could you tell us about the Ryco brand and it’s heritage?

The name Ryco Filters has had a long and proud place in Australian Aftermarket Auto Parts for their Ryco air filters and more. The Ryco brand, unique part numbering system, range and catalogue lead the automotive industry.

We are 75 years old this year and still the number one brand of automotive filters in Australia. It says a lot about the trust customers put in Ryco Filters, such as Ryco Filter Kits, to allow us to aid in protecting their vehicles.


How different is the product range in 2015 from when Ryco started?

The big factor at play is that the Australian automotive aftermarket is one of the most diverse in the world with more than 63 vehicle makes and 363 vehicle models on offer. As a result of this vehicle diversity, we have continually worked to ensure we provide the largest range of filters and service tools.

Ryco have released more new filter programs in the last five years than in the company’s history: 4WD kits, automatic transmission filters, motorcycle, high efficiency, LCV, and AG. We’ve also extended our range of filters for In-Tank, cabin air and Euro vehicle applications, just to name a few. At the same time we have to be on top of all the new vehicle releases. As you can imagine, getting filters for new vehicles into our product development process is critical.

Our design philosophy is to meet or exceed our original equipment counterparts, so we don’t release just any filter. In order for a Ryco filter to be released, it has to meet a specific criteria of efficiency, life and flow. We have a dedicated small team who work tirelessly to keep the new filters and new filter programs coming through. Ryco has consistently released new products every month for the past 7 years – that’s thousands of filters!


What makes Ryco the superior choice when it comes to filters?

We have invested in our brand to ensure its integrity. Ryco has an international-standard laboratory with a multi-pass test machine. Our brand offers a nationally available range with support systems all over the country for both customer service and cataloguing. Our products provide genuine performance always either meet or exceed the OE equivalent.


What moment in Ryco’s history are you most proud of?

Although I wasn’t here at the time, in 2005 the company made the hard transition from being an on-shore manufacturer to a sales, distribution and marketing business. It took guts and determination to do that while keeping the integrity of our brand in tact. Our manufacturing history is our legacy and it’s instilled in our brand today.


There seems to be a lot of conjecture around service intervals. Does Ryco have an official position on what the correct service interval is for a vehicle?

We always stress that you should go by your log book. Our filters are designed to meet or exceed the OE equivalent, providing quality that will last the distance! However, we know that in some instances driving conditions may affect the service interval required for their vehicle, for example driving a 4WD in dusty conditions.


Are there any new vehicles in particular that you are you targeting with your products?

We have just released a new LCV catalogue targeting the four big Japanese brands. Isuzu, Hino, Fuso and UD Trucks are covered and with truck sales exceeding 190,000 units in the last 12 years – including 30,000 new registrations in the last two years alone, we have extended our LCV specific range to meet this demand.


What Ryco product developments are you most excited about at the moment?

The new Ryco MicroShield Cabin Air Filter. It filters particles of ≤2.5 micron.

With spring approaching, it’s important to remind people that cabin air filters provide more than engine protection – it’s protection for families while they are in their cars. To support this we’re launching a national Trans-Tasman cabin air promotion on September 1st.

Visit for all the details.


Does Ryco provide filters for anything other than passenger vehicles?

We have a comprehensive range of Heavy Duty and Agricultural Filters, as well as Light Commercial, Motorcycle, and Platinum (High Efficiency) Filters. These are all designed, engineered, and tested to the same high quality standards as our passenger filtration range.

Earlier this year we released our first In Tank Filter removal tool. Ryco hasn’t manufactured tools in quite some time and the market responded really favourably. We are working on more attachments to suit more vehicles. What else? Well … you will have to stay tuned!