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The Brands Behind Spares Box: SuperPro

By Brad Nash

Tue Jul 07 2015

We’re proud to present the first in a great series of Spares Box Supplier interviews, where we can share the fascinating history of some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. This week, we feature one of Australia’s own success stories, SuperPro. Through innovative advances and the best local production, SuperPro have established themselves as a heavyweight in the world of Suspension and Bushings.


SuperPro’s Founder and Managing Director, Graham Scudamore-Smith

What does SuperPro specialise in?

SuperPro specialises in offering a solution in suspensions systems. Our range of bushings made from polyurethane and metal components takes the small link between the chassis and the wheels and gives it a whole new dimension.


What makes SuperPro the superior choice when it comes to suspension bushings and roll control products?

SuperPro’s product design plus raw materials are all engineered by a mechanic for the mechanic. That means ease of installation, no surprises, and outcome delivered!


Could you tell us a quick story of the brand and its heritage?

There are many stories, however one which is too long to tell in full, but critical, is about the bullet grooves, tangential grooves and knurled bores in SuperPro products. They were actually developed by accident to solve a very important design problem we had back in 1980! This heritage concept is now copied by manufacturers all over the world, and most would not know what the critical reason was for the incorporation of this design in a polyurethane bushing.


What moment in SuperPro’s history are you most proud of?

Displaying at SEMA and Automechanika 15 years ago, and being a leader in our field on the biggest world stages.


How do the designers and engineers at SuperPro work to make suspension bushings and roll control products affordable for your customers?

The first focus is always to make a product that, once installed, will give longer service life, longer tyre wear and a more pleasurable or sporty driving experience. This leads to lots of cost savings over time, however the use of manufacturing technology and careful sourcing of raw materials allows product to be manufactured at affordable prices.


Are there any new vehicles in particular that you are you targeting with your products?

The automotive aftermarket is changing and customers are looking to enhance ‘’new‘’ vehicles more than ever – 4WDs are a perfect example. Many owners want to fit a lift kit to raise the suspension height immediately on purchase, however the original bushings and geometry are only designed and developed for standard height, and that’s where SuperPro comes in. We are currently developing products for the new 2016 Mitsubishi Triton and Toyota Hilux.


What SuperPro product developments are you most excited about at the moment?

The new SuperPro Polyelast program. Polyurethane material gives a whole range of benefits, however it can have one negative; without very careful design it can mean an increase in NVH [noise, vibration, and harshness]. The new SuperPro Polyelast synthetic material is a step up and we have now solved that NVH problem, meaning we are able to develop a whole new range of diff mounts and chassis mounts.


Is SuperPro involved in developing products for use in motorsport?

Over the years we have supplied many parts for motorsport use and will continue doing so. However, the biggest volume of product used is in club motorsport where a customer can take normal SuperPro product and increase lap times immediately through improved handling.


What is your favourite car, and why?

From as early as I can remember, a Porsche, initially for appearance and motorsport success, however as I advanced in my career, both from research and working on the vehicle; both for service repair and motorsport, the engineering excellence became the attraction. Why I haven’t owned one I am not sure, however a 356 or early 911 to restore are on the list for when I retire.

We hope you enjoyed this interview, and that it was a chance for you to learn more about the vision being SuperPro’s amazing products. Visit Sparesbox to see our truly extensive range of SuperPro performance and suspension products including SuperPro Bushes, SuperPro Control Arms, SuperPro Sway Bars, and SuperPro Anti Lift Kits.