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Product Review: Hella Uniform Spotlight

By Brad Nash

Tue Jun 23 2015

When I think of the name Hella, I generally think of 80’s rally cars tearing through a mountainside stage in Monte-Carlo.  Such is their prestige and respect in the automotive world, for a number of decades they’ve been pretty much as close you can get to a household name as it’s possible for a vehicle accessories manufacturer to be. They keep blazing forward though, and now they’ve come up with the most advanced handheld light you’ve probably ever seen.




Fully USB chargable, the Uniform handheld light is fully portable, comes with an incorporated stand for those tricky spots where you need both your hands, and features a strip of LED’s which go from just normal blindingly bright, to having the power of a thousand suns in your hand. Truly a handy gadget to have around the workshop.


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