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This Flawless VW Microbus is Everything Beautiful About the 60s

By Brad Nash

Fri Apr 22 2016

Sothebys is a place for the finer things in life. From the rarest watches to the most valuable art, the rarest cars to the world’s most prized antiques, only items considered the true classics of their field will ever pass through their hallowed halls.

So what’s a VW Microbus doing there? Well, this particular Microbus, in all its Turquoise, 23-windowed glory, is about as rare and unique as they come.

Perfectly preserved for over 50 years, it’s powered by a 50hp, 1590cc flat-4 engine that was rebuilt by hand by a Detroit-based VW expert. On the outside, it’s been restored completely in the classic Turquoise and Blue-White colourway, which was the original colour scheme the Microbus was sold in throughout the 50s.

As versatile as it is rare, part of the rarity in this particular Microbus comes through the sheer amount of optional extras that come with it. 6 of the eight side windows pop out while the roof is adorned with eight separate skylight windows AND a full-length sliding sunroof. At the front of the vehicle sit split “safari” pop-out windshields, and at the rear three windows make for adequate viewing.

This iteration of the Microbus is also one of the rarer “walk-through” models, making it about as light and breezy inside as you could hope for in a vehicle. Also, just look at the damn thing.

However, only the utmost unique vehicles gain this kind of attention, and it’s not what sits within the VW itself that makes it so valued, but rather what lies behind it: a perfectly restored 1967 Eriba Puck camper trailer. Made in 1967, the Puck was designed exclusively to be partnered with the Microbus and is one of only five that is still known to exist today.

Restored from the metal out in the same colour as the bus it comes with, the camper contains “a two-burner propane stove, a sink, a dining table, a pop-up roof, and twin beds. Incredibly, the camper weighs only 700 pounds.”


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