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If You Thought Slot Cars Were Child’s Play, Think Again

By Brad Nash

Thu Aug 31 2017

We all remember the joy of our first time pulling the trigger on a Scalextric set, and then the inevitable heartbreak when the fragile gears that made the cars shoot around the track eventually broke.

Apparently, slot car racing goes much further than that though, as this insane race in Finland will attest to.


The feircely competitive world of adult slot car racing involves gargantuan levels of soldering, huge, twisting, multi-laned tracks, and cars unlike anything you’re ever likely to see in your local Toy Store.

The cars themselves reach 100mph and complete over 1000 laps in a single race, each lap of the track taking less than 2 seconds to complete, and the effect on any spectator’s eyes is, we’re sure, completely nauseating.

This race in particular was the finals of the European Slot Car Racing Championships, held in Helsinki and eventually won by Benes Dzenik with a total of 1,119 laps. Judging by the way they get their cars back on the track following a spill, the fact that he survived the race with all his fingers in tact is nothing short of a miracle.