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Sparesbox's Top 5 4x4 Accessories For Your Off Road Adventure

By Linda Quan

Thu Nov 07 2019

Who doesn’t love a good off-road experience? Living in Australia means we have access to some of the best off-road tracks in the world – from soaring peaks to vast deserts, there’s no better way to explore some of Australia’s best landscapes. However, just like with any trip out into the wilderness, you can never be too prepared.

Here are Sparesbox’s top 5 4x4 off-roading accessories that will help take your mind off the “what ifs” of an off-road trip so you can focus on enjoying the sights and – of course – the driving.


LED Driving Lights

If you’ve ever traversed a track at night, you’ll know how dark it can get when the closest town is over a day’s drive away. That’s why it’s essential to install LED driving lights before a trip – your vehicle’s high beams simply aren’t powerful enough to do the job.

With the right driving lights, the difference is like night and day (get it?) – an LED light bar installed on the top of your vehicle can provide a much wider view of your surroundings, allowing you to spot hazards on the sides of the road like wildlife and ditches. Spot lights are great for lighting up the road ahead and can increase your visual distance to over 1km away.

See the difference for yourself with the Hella LED Driving Lights!


12V Car Fridge

While you can easily do your off-road adventure without a car fridge, having one makes a world of difference. And by difference, we mean choosing between a week of tinned food vs. actual fresh food. And who doesn’t like the idea of kicking back with a cold drink after a long day of driving?

Installing a car fridge doesn’t have to be hard – in fact, we even did it ourselves. Check out our installation and review video of the Dometic CF11 Centre Console Fridge:

4x4 Snorkel

One of the cheapest and easiest modifications you can add to your 4WD, the 4x4 snorkel is essential if you’re planning to do any water crossing. Not only does it keep your air intake safely above water (and thus avoiding the dreaded hydrolock), a snorkel also extends the life of your air filter by avoiding the dusty air thrown up from the road and ultimately lowers your servicing costs. A car snorkel can also increase performance by forcing cooler, oxygen-filled air into the engine, giving you more power and increased fuel efficiency.

Here’s our review of the Safari Snorkel:


4x4 Winch

If you’re travelling alone, it’s always a good idea to install a 4x4 winch to get yourself out of sticky situations. Otherwise, you might be stuck waiting for help to arrive which can take days if you’re unlucky. Attach your 4x4 winch to a tree using a tree trunk protector, or to another 4WD if possible. When using a winch, it’s important to remember to drape a heavy blanket or jacket on the winch cable to prevent it from flying back at you if it snaps.

Check out our review of the Drivetech 4x4 Dual Speed Winch:


Dual Battery System

A second car battery is essential if you’re planning to set up camp somewhere along the way. Off roading on only one battery runs the risk of a flat battery if you’re using it to power camp gear like your lights and 12V car fridge. Connecting an auxiliary battery means you can leave the original battery for starting your car and powering the essential in-car systems.   

Want to know which dual battery set up is best for you? Watch our guide here!


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