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Top 5 Gifts For Gearhead Dads On Father’s Day

By Linda Quan

Wed Aug 26 2020

He was the one who first showed you how to change a tyre, the one who took you on your first off-road camping trip, or perhaps you inherited the taste for adrenaline and speeding down the tarmac from him.

Father’s Day is all about saying cheers to your old man for everything he’s done over the years - what better way to show your gratitude than giving an awesome gift that he’ll love? Check out our top 5 Dad-approved gifts that are guaranteed to make your father/dad/old mate feel appreciated!

P.S. Want to see something adorable? Here’s our CEO Leon Saliba with his dad, way back when he was still a kiddo in the 80’s!


Our Top 5 Gift Ideas for Dad:

1. Meguiar’s Car Wash Snow Cannon Kit

If your dad likes to spend half his waking hours shining his car until it is reflective enough to blind approaching drivers, he’s going to love the Meguiars Car Wash Snow Cannon Kit! The kit comes with Meguair’s Gold Class Car Wash, a high-quality snow foam cannon with 3 pressure cleaner adaptors, plus a 1 litre bottle with accurate mixing marks – exactly what you need to make it snow on Father’s Day!


2. Autoglym Clean Wheels 500mL

Cleaning doesn’t just stop at the paintwork – those wheels need some love and care too. Gift your dad some sparkling rims with the Autoglym Clean Wheels 500mL. One of the most powerful wheel cleaners you’ll ever get your hands on, the Autoglym Clean Wheels works on pretty much any material – lacquered alloy, paint, plastic and rubber – and cuts straight through corrosive brake dust and the toughest road grime. It’s a great way to save your dad some elbow grease!


3. Bowden’s Own Leather Pack

Leather maintenance can be a real pain in the arse, so why not make the job easy for dad with Bowden’s Own Leather Pack? Containing the Bowden’s Own Leather Love, Leather Guard, Square Bear and Plush Daddy, this pack has everything your dad will need to keep his leather seats pristine.

A quick spray and wipe with the Leather Guard will protect his leather seats from daily wear & tear while the Leather Love keeps leather surfaces soft and supple with a nice sheen, so Dad can spend less time on maintenance and more time taking his car out for joy rides. To keep the leather looking better for longer, use the Leather Guard and Leather Love with the Square Bear application pad for a deep clean and buff it out with the Plush Daddy drying cloth for an even shine.


4. HydroSilex Recharge Ceramic Coating 1L 

Nothing beats the shine of a ceramic coating. Just one layer of the HydroSilex Recharge Ceramic Coating provides long lasting protection against all the dirt, stains and sun damage that comes with driving in the Aussie outdoors.

Whether your dad is an avid off-roader, loves his track days or is simply the sort of guy who takes his car to work every day, the HydroSilex Recharge Ceramic Coating makes cleaning all that dirt and road grime off an easy task - just rinse with a hose and in no time at all, dad’s pride and joy will be good as new!


5. 888 Tools By SP Tools 66Pc Portable Tool Kit

For the DIY Dad, nothing beats a fully kitted 888 SP Tools kit containing all the essentials he’ll ever need. Made from high quality chrome vanadium steel and stored in an EVA foam system to keep things neat and tidy, your dad is going to love this handy 66-piece set.

The kit comes with ½” Dr sockets and accessories, plus a full set of spanners, screwdrivers, hex keys and more - all stored in a tough-as-nails heavy-duty steel tool box that'll be right at home in the ute or in the garage. He'll be thinking of you everytime he services his car!

If you reckon Dad might want something else this Father's Day, why not take a squiz at the rest of our range? With over 200,000 products and counting, you're bound to find the perfect Father's Day gift at Sparesbox!