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Toyota Reveals First All-Electric Vehicle

By Shane O’Sullivan

Tue Nov 02 2021

Many consider electric cars to be the way of the future. With sustainability a key theme in mind for manufacturers around the world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Toyota themselves are joining the charge.

Named “bZ4X”, the vehicle will be the first in a line of seven battery-powered electric cars created by the Japanese company by 2025. As Dom Tripolone confirmed over on News Australia, Toyota has confirmed it will be introducing the bZ4X to Australia in late 2022, with the prices to be revealed down the line.

Under the banner of “bZ”, the range of cars is part of a larger company strategy to lower emissions. As such, the bZ4X will be offered in two primary variations - a front-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive. Both have incredible benefits, but also some differences.

In particular, the front-wheel drive variant is said to use one motor making 150kW and 264Nm paired with a 71.4kWh battery. This will allow for up to 500km of range. On the flipside, the all-wheel drive version combines the 150kW front motor with a 80kW unit mounted in the rear. They have not revealed a total torque figure for this variant.

According to Toyota, the bZ4X model will be able to accept 150kW of charge via a DC recharger. This equates to about 80% capacity in 30 minutes. Furthermore, the battery is supposedly equivalent to the Tesla Powerwall home batteries.

Some of the digital features of the bZ4X include software updates and a digital key stored in your smartphone that can be shared with others. On the physical side, there is an option for a yoke-style steering wheel similar to that used in a plane. This uses a steer by wire system with no mechanical connection between the wheel and tyres. This system is faster than the one Tesla has, with 150 degrees of lock to make easier sharp turns or park more easily.

If all of that information wasn’t shocking enough, the bZ4X is equipped with rooftop solar panels which can add a combined 1800km of driving range each year. The vehicle will also have vehicle to load and vehicle to grid ability - meaning it can power lights, tools and offers numerous other electrical applications. 

Developed with Subaru, the Toyoda bZ4X joins the range of cars from BYD set to come to Australia, though there is no word on what the cost will be for the bZ4X when it arrives in 2022. With this, the range of electric cars only continues to grow as the industry continues to expand.