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Transform Your 4×4 Ute This EOFY – Tradie Special

By Sam Young

Thu May 24 2018

No matter whether you’re a small business owner, tradie or 4×4 ute enthusiast – we’re all obsessed with our old and faithful utes and EOFY savings! Often needing that last little modification to make them perfect, what better time than the end of the financial year!

Huge sales pretty much everywhere, of course including Sparesbox’s MEGA SALE with massive savings site wide, your tax return hopefully trickling in a few extra bucks and the ability to claim any expenses back on tax – it’s a win win, WIN!

You can argue to your partner that its a requirement for functionality and work… but let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a tricked up modified ute! Improving aesthetics and street appeal is one of the biggest drivers we see in modifications and we don’t blame anyone – heck, even I fall into this category! Just what can you do with your money though? WELL! Here are some of the most popular choices to help your ute tackle the worksite, the open road and, should you be inclined, the off-road trail.


EOFY Option 1: Diesel Filter Kits

Diesel pre-filters and fuel manager kits alike may not be the most groundbreaking or exciting modification but it would have to be one of the most highly recommended and vital ones to any diesel ute! Saving countless engines and fuel systems from poor-quality, water contaminated diesel – a diesel pre or post filter kit is one of those modifications that will pay for itself in a matter of months. Avoiding potentially catastrophic mechanical failures that could keep you off the tracks or away from the job site – it’s easy to see how vital this little filter could be!


Read more on the Drivetech Fuel Manager System HERE 

fuel manager


EOFY Option 2: 4×4 Snorkels

I’m yet to meet a person who only uses their 4×4 for work and not play! If you’re exactly the same then you should already know the importance of a Safari Snorkel! This will make sure you’re able to tackle all terrain without fear of flooding your engine which can result in expensive repair bills. Safari has a range that will fit just about every popular 4×4, and make for a much healthier engine not only when you’re passing through water, but also when you’re hitting those long, dusty roads that kick a lot of grit towards your pride and joy! 

safari snorkel


EOFY Option 3: 4×4 Lift Kit 

A lift kit doesn’t have to just be for the hardcore 4×4 community – they come into their own time and time again for the worksite and every task surrounding work! If your ute is hauling heavy loads or constantly driving to and from, not to mention on worksites, then you could certainly benefit from a heavier duty spring set up, and while you’re there, you might as well add the whole kit and caboodle to it in the form of a wholistic HD lift kit from some of our leading retailers such as RAW 4×4, Bilstein, Drivetech, Koni and many more!


Read more on choosing your perfect lift kit HERE


bilstein lift kit


EOFY Option 4: UHF Radios

Worksite, 4×4 tracks, or any road trip with other 4wders, a UHF radio is a staple for communication and general radio banter! Being extremely durable and versatile, they’re an outstanding addition to your 4×4 ute this EOFY. UHF radios can either be installed on your dash or bought in the form of a handheld radio, and they’re incredibly useful and will easily pay for themselves after only a handful of uses. Offering Uniden and GME, we have a radio to suit every need and budget!

GME UHF radio


EOFY Option 5: Exhaust Systems

Splurging on an exhaust system can be extremely exciting. More performance. More noise. More street appeal. However, for the EOFY, if you were to claim it back on your tax, you’ll need to find a legit way to prove it’s work-related – which can be tricky! Nonetheless, with your tax refund, maybe its time to bite the exhaust bullet? Aussie brands like XFORCE offer a bunch of exhaust systems for popular utes, dual-cabs and 4x4s, which give them a little more pep PLUS all the exhaust noise you’ve dreamed of!


Read more on choosing the right exhaust HERE

xforce exhaust system


EOFY Option 6: 4×4 Lights

Another safety optimising and versatile modification for your work ute is a high-quality set of driving lights (also known as ‘spotties’). Improving both the aesthetics of the front of your vehicle but also the practicality, its a no-brainer that these should be on your EOFY shopping list. 4×4 lights come in a bunch of different shapes (light bars, spotlights etc.), styles and beams to suit all vehicles and uses, meaning that you can easily find something that’ll fit your budget and your needs!




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