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TRED – Kickstarting Modern Automotive Success

By Brad Nash

Tue Dec 15 2015

It’s safe to say that the good folks at TRED rocked the automotive world with the launch of their 4×4 recovery ramps a couple of years ago. Standing for Total Recovery & Extraction Device, the original TRED saw instant success and incredibly positive feedback upon it’s launch a couple of years ago. Now however, they’ve literally kicked it up a level with the launch of TRED Pro. Featuring all the things that made the original TRED so great and more, TRED Pro is the next generation in off-road vehicle recovery that doesn’t call for the use of winches or snatch straps, backed with a lifetime warranty and the guarantee of lasting traction under all conditions. If you’re still not convinced, go and ask one of their 200,000 Facebook fans, and I’m sure you’ll get a glowing reference from pretty much every one of them.


Wait, just quickly, what does TRED do?

TRED 4x4 Kickstarter


TRED is basically an all-in-one recovery device. Think of it like the wooden or metal tracks off-road enthusiasts often use to get some cars out of mud and snow, but on steroids. They use extra grippy teeth that work with your tyres to provide your vehicle with instant traction, no matter the surface you’re driving across. With so much grip in any condition, traditional recovery equipment, shovels, snatch straps and the absurd amounts of manual labour that generally entails, is starting to look like a thing of the past.

Unlike solid planks or metal tracks that can either shred your tyres or snap under the pressure, TRED is designed to flex and bend, providing a constant point of contact with your vehicle’s tyres. Despite their flexibility, they’re about as tough as they come, with incredible anti-wear properties that guarantee they’ll work in any condition.


So what’s TRED Pro?

TRED Pro is essentially the next generation of the recovery device, utilising newer, tougher and more advanced materials with the same core concept that made TRED so successful. It’s new composite construction adds an even tougher layer of grip to the ramps, ensuring that the teeth stay in place for use after use, and provide all the flexible, water resistant traction you’ve invested in. As well as this, a brand new grip pattern, better designed handles and a smaller storage size makes TRED Pro better in pretty much every way: able to work in more conditions, across more terrain and for longer.


How have TRED done things differently?

TRED 4x4 Kickstarter


Looking for funding to help the launch of their latest product, TRED turned to online crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and were met with incredible success. Offering a special discount for pledgers and a multitude of other goodies for those inclined to invest (including an exclusive camo colourway), their campaign hit 200% of it’s pledge goal just halfway through it’s funding run. Thanks purely to their own mind for innovation and generosity of those passionate about a quality product, what could turn out to be the ultimate off-roading recovery solution will be hitting our shelves sometime in April 2016.

Companies like TRED are the perfect example of why no automotive brand should ever be scared to crank it up a notch when it comes to advertising through social media and the internet. As a purely online platform ourselves, we couldn’t be happier to see the success of TRED, and hope that their success will help usher in a new generation of Automotive pioneers that aren’t afraid to push their wares in new and modern ways as the world turns increasingly more online.