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Value vs. Premium Parts – Know What You’re Paying For

By Peter Mackinnon

Fri Apr 08 2016

Maintenance is an essential part of owning your car, which makes it vital to know exactly what parts are being installed in it. While dropping your car off at a workshop and leaving a mechanic to run the rule over your pride and joy might seem like the most convenient choice, what you think is being fitted to your car isn’t always the reality.

Take an example from one of our regular customers… On having his car serviced, he was advised that a new premium air filter would be fitted during the car service to improve his overall driving experience. As it turns out, his three-year-old car was fitted with a value air filter, as opposed to a premium air filter, and yet he paid the premium price! How did he find out? Only by looking at the filter and researching the brand to learn for himself. Luckily we’ve done this work for you with our Product Key (see below).

Of course, a value air filter has its functions, but it should only come at a value price. Being charged premium prices for value parts and accessories is unacceptable. Yet, unsurprisingly, it doesn’t stop with air filters. Anyone can be mis-sold a variety of automotive products from brake pads to spark plugs. Being dishonestly sold an inferior part can and does happen to car owners throughout Australia, and the average car owner will never know if they have been ripped off!

We can’t all be qualified mechanics, so it isn’t always easy to know every detail about the parts that go into your car. However, it is vital that you understand whether or not they represent good value for money. After all, you’re the one using the car.

With that said, our website offers a rundown on what every part we sell stands for. This simple design allows you to easily match any part to its intended use and what value range it represents. Our website represents recommended retail prices, and can be used as a guide on how much a part should realistically cost.


Product Key



OEM: This stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and it represents any part that is used in an original car manufacturer’s final model.


Recommended: Hand-picked to offer high quality at the best price.


Premium: Quality parts and accessories made from the world’s leading automotive brands.


Value: Quality, safe parts and accessories that come at a value price.


Performance: Parts designed with the specific function of boosting overall performance, from power to handling.


4×4: Built to handle the stress off-road driving puts a vehicle under, and the punishing Australian environment.


Heavy Duty: Designed with harsh conditions and heavy loads in mind, manufactured for commercial use or when an upgrade from the standard is required.


Optional: These optional fitments are for those who have factory upgraded variants applied to their vehicle.


For example, look out for the Premium Icon on these items here!

This simple Product Key is aimed at changing how car owners across Australia approach car maintenance. With an understanding of what each brand stands for, it is the ideal tool to use to avoid being stung in the future! So next time you’re taking your car for a service,  ensure you know exactly which parts are going in your car and avoid paying premium prices for value parts!