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How Do I Know When To Change My Oil?

By Mitch Babbs

Tue Feb 09 2021

I know, you came here for a straight answer and I'm about to not give you one. You’ve probably heard from your friendly neighbourhood car expert that it’s an absolute must that you change your oil every 10,000km, and while that was probably sound advice back in the days when conventional mineral oils were the only thing getting around, it doesn’t necessarily apply today.

First things first, can you tell if you need to change your oil just by looking at it? Short answer: no. Not really. 

We all know the look of used engine oil. Gone is the sumptuous amber liquid you poured in, it’s back and looking closer to the Texas tea they pulled straight out of the ground to make it. Unfortunately, the sight test isn’t reliable when it comes to gauging whether you need to drop your oil and replace it entirely. 

Modern advanced oils like the ones from Nulon, Castrol, Mobil, Penrite (the list goes on and on) contain a lot more than just the lubricating necessities to keep your engine humming along smoothly. Formulated with detergents and additives that clean your engine’s walls and linings from sludge buildup, these oils quickly take on that recognisable black hue despite still having many months and many miles to go before needing a replacement.

The short answer is, there is no exact answer for when you need to replace your oil, because there are as many types of oils as there are makes and models of vehicle. If you’d prefer the answer to be longer, rather than shorter intervals between needing a full oil change, then a full synthetic oil is the way to go.

For modern vehicles, it really is a no-brainer. Gone are the days of rumours surrounding these experimental oils potentially causing seal shrinkages and oil leaks. As the technology on display in this area has matured and grown, with it has the success and proliferation of full synthetic oils. They last longer, drive smoother, and extend your engine’s service life through scrubbing and cleaning. For each of these, the manufacturer’s guide is a safe bet when it comes to how long you should wait until replacing them.

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