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Why Isn’t My Part In Stock?

By Brad Nash

Tue Jul 21 2015

To answer this question, we have to do a little bit of math. There are about 12,000 makes and model of car on Australia’s roads today. Taken down to the nuts and bolts, each car is made up of about 30,000 individual parts, many of which are unique to that very vehicle. Put that all together, and that makes about 360 million combinations of parts.

We try our best to stock as many of these at possible, or at least the completed components that make up your vehicle, but in order to do this we need to have supply chains that stretch across the globe. This means that a lot of parts, particularly if your car is older or was made in another country, take time and effort to get here, and may not have even been made by the manufacturer in a while. Many parts are made in batches, and aren’t readily available even at the place they’re originally produced, but please be patient. We’re always doing our best.