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Wild Leopard Finally Caught after 2 Days Roaming an Indian Suzuki Plant

By Brad Nash

Tue Oct 10 2017

Oh, India. What are you like?


The subcontinent is well-known for the issues that arise when its incredibly dense, gargantuan population spills out into previously uninhabited areas. Said expansion, along with the destruction of the wilderness that follows, often brings humans into direct conflict with the large populations of tigers and leopards that roam the Indian wilderness, to the harm of both.

Sadly, over 1000 people have been killed in India by wild leopards over the last 2 and a half years, while on average a wild leopard is killed by officials every day.

Sometimes though, when people and animals are forced to co-exist so closely, you get the odd humorous moment.


In case the title didn’t make it clear enough, that’s a Wild Leopard roaming a Maruti Suzuki factory in Manesar, about 40km outside of New Delhi.

Maruti Suzuki is India’s most popular and successful car manufacturer, and this factory is 1 of just 2 that services the entire Indian sales network.

Naturally, the plant was shut down immediately following the first sighting of the Leopard on CCTV, which is an impressive feat from the big cat considering not only Indian labour laws, but also the fact that the factory produces over a million cars every year.

Even more impressive is that, despite the factory being cleared out and a team of over 200 police and wildlife officials being sent in, the Leopard manage to allude authorities for over 36 hours.

Leopard Suzuki Factory 1


The wildlife team used meat and even live goats as bait to lure the Leopard out of hiding, but it was only captured when it returned to the spot that it was originally seen.

Thankfully, the Leopard was tranquilized and, despite spending what looks to be a very uncomfortable couple of days in the cells, it will be released into the wild after a medical examination. No humans were injured in the operation either.


Images: AFP/Getty Images