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XFORCE Brings More Grunt as the Mustang Lands Down Under

By Peter Mackinnon

Tue Dec 15 2015

The Ford Mustang has managed to maintain its status as one of the most iconic automobiles for half a century now. The advent of the long-awaited new Mustang has brought a remarkable reaction within Australia with over 3,000 sales already. While this might be a stunning figure, it is hardly surprising when you consider the Mustang’s blend of modern refinement and style with traditional American muscle.


XForce Mustang Range

With the arrival of an icon’s latest incarnation comes a creation that emphasises what the Mustang can truly offer. The XFORCE GT Cat-Back has been designed with this year’s Mustang in mind as a solution to the inevitable demand for aftermarket performance parts and promises to advance significantly the sound this brand new muscle car produces.

For true performance fans, the capacity to improve a vehicle by use of specialised parts from the get go is of vital importance; to miss out on additional power is not a viable option for those who shop in aftermarket performance. XFORCE Exhaust specially designed range of cat-back, head back and turbo-back exhaust systems provide high-quality production with high-level results.

Why Choose XForce Mustang Exhaust Products?

The XFORCE Cat-Back Exhaust allows you to experience a distinct improvement on the typical Mustang purr to an all-out roar, providing that satisfying audial experience that every Mustang fan dreams of. At the press of a single button, VAREX’s optional refined valve system redirects the exhaust gases, allowing for an entirely driver-customised experienced where you can have it loud, quiet, or somewhere – anywhere! – in between.

Ford Mustang XFORCE Exhaust


XFORCE has taken much inspiration from its technological developments in their V8 Supercar Series and features 304 Grade Stainless Steel 3” 1-7/8 equal length headers and High Flow X-Pipe Centre Design. This upgrade will provide significant horsepower and torque gains as well as the growl you desire – what else could any driver want in their performance exhaust?


Available soon on our website at a range of affordable prices from $1,750 to $3,750, any Mustang buyer with a thirst for that throaty growl can combine sophisticated technology with classic muscle. Sparesbox also offers XForce exhaust systems for other models, including the XForce S-Spec Exhaust system,  XForce R-Spec ExhaustXforce Pro Series, and Xforce Extreme Exhausts, with prices starting from $499.95.