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ZipPay Car Parts at Sparesbox

By Linda Quan

Wed Jan 15 2020

Sparesbox has partnered with ZipPay to offer Australian motorists an exciting new way to pay for car parts – Car Parts ZipPay. At Sparesbox, we understand that buying new parts for your car sometimes doesn’t come at the best time for your personal budget. Whether you’re a mechanic, DIY enthusiasts, or you simply need car parts to get a job done, you may need to get your hands-on car parts before you can make a payment in full.

That’s why Sparesbox is offering ZipPay car parts to Aussie motorists looking for a smarter post-payment option. ZipPay means you can shop Sparesbox’ entire catalogue of car parts and have them delivered to your front door while paying them off over time.

Which Brands Are Included in the ZipPay Car Parts Range?

Every part in the Sparesbox catalogue is eligible for Zip Pay car parts payment. We don’t pick and choose which brands should be eligible for ZipPay Car Parts and which shouldn’t be. We stock an ever-growing range of car parts that are suitable for everyone from handyman to professional and everything in between and we believe that everyone should have access to them. Sparesbox growing range of car parts that are eligible for ZipPay include household and international parts from manufacturers including:

Which Categories Are Included in ZipPay Car Parts?

Once again — all of them. Whether you need an oil filter or performance brake rotor, Sparesbox’ extensive range car parts has something to suit just about every car on the road in Australia. To be eligible for the ZipPay car parts offer you just need to meet the eligibility criteria that is set out by ZipPay and detailed below. A small taste of the car part brands that you can purchase through ZipPay at Sparesbox include:


How Can I Buy Car Parts with ZipPay?

Want to shop an extensive range of ZipPay Car Parts with Sparesbox, but are not sure how it works? ZipPay allows you to pay for your car parts over a course of interest free repayment schedules. There’s no interest or added fees when purchasing car parts with ZipPay so long as you maintain your payment schedule. Simple spend the minimum spend requirement of $40 monthly repayment and you can set up repayments as you like. You can choose to pay off your car parts over the course of a week, fortnight, month or however long you choose.  

The best part about buying ZipPay Car Parts with Sparesbox is that there’s no wait — unlike traditional layby services, ZipPay means that your order will be shipped as normal. This is perfect for at-home DIYers, who realise they need a part and want ZipPay for Performance Car Parts STAT!

To qualify for ZipPay Car Parts with Sparesbox you need:

  • A debit card or credit card that is Visa or Mastercard
  • To live in Australia or be an Australian resident
  • To be 18 years of age or older
  • When shopping for car parts with Sparesbox, you’ll be able to see if your order is eligible for ZipPay because it will appear as a payment option at the payment screen at checkout. Simply follow the steps to make your ZipPay payment.

How Much Do I Pay Upfront For ZipPay Car Parts?

The first ZipPay Car Parts payment will be charged at the time of the purchase. When you decide to shop with ZipPay Car Parts, you’ll be charged a percentage of your total purchase price upfront. You will need to have your credit card/debit card available for this initial payment. Regular shipping and return charges apply when you shop car parts with ZipPay.

Shop Now. Buy Now. Pay Later.