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    1. Bendix Brake Pad Wear Sensor BWS1009

      This part fits multiple vehicles
    2. $8.95
    3. $8.95
    4. $9.95
    5. $9.95
    6. $8.95
    7. Bendix Brake Pad Wear Sensor BWS1053

      Right Front
    8. Bendix Brake Pad Wear Sensor BWS1054

      Left Front
    9. Bendix Brake Pad Wear Sensor BWS1076

      Front, 4 Door Models
    10. $8.95
    11. Bendix Brake Pad Wear Sensor BWS1057

      Front, 5 Door Models
    12. $10.95
    13. Bendix Brake Pad Wear Sensor BWS1059

      Rear, All Wagons
    14. $11.95
    15. $8.95
    16. $11.95
    17. $8.95
    18. Bendix Brake Pad Wear Sensor BWS1022

    19. $8.95
    20. $8.95
    21. $8.95
    22. $9.95
    23. Bendix Brake Pad Wear Sensor BWS1083

    24. Bendix Brake Pad Wear Sensor BWS1063

    25. $8.95
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    About Brake Sensors

    Your brakes may do the job of stopping your vehicle in a relatively simple manner, keeping them operating properly often comes down to a number of complex sensors. Sparesbox has all the right equipment to keep you feeling safe and secure with every push of the brake pedal with our range of ABS Sensors, Brake Wear Sensors from some of the most trusted names in brake sensors including Bendix, Pagid and Protex

    What Your Brake Sensors Do

    Brake sensors come in two main types: brake wear sensors and ABS sensors. Brake wear sensors measure the amount of wear on your brake pads by being situated within the friction material that makes up the face of the pad. Once the material is worn down to a sufficient level, the sensor is exposed to the disc when you brake and alerts the driver through either an electronic signal on the dashboard or by way of a high-pitched noise. Once you get this signal, you know it's time to change the brake pad.

    ABS sensors are more geared towards the performance of your anti-lock brakes. Taking into account your vehicle's speed, momentum and the amount of force you put on the brake pedal, the ABS sensor helps to determine the amount of braking force to deliver to the wheels, stopping them from locking up and causing a dangerous skid under aggressive braking.

    Our Range of Brake Sensors

    Sparesbox carries both ABS sensors and Brake Wear Sensors, each made by two of the nation's leading brands in OE-level braking, Bendix and Protex. Our Bendix brake wear sensors are engineered to fit seamlessly with your vehicle's OE brakes, with a range to fit over 900 vehicles and applications. Our Protex ABS sensors also offer outstanding quality and will help you get into your car assured that any time you need to hit the brakes in an emergency situation, your ABS system will perform at its best.