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    About ABS Sensors

    Your ABS sensors measure the speed of the vehicle's wheels, providing vital info to the ABS module which then controls the performance of your anti lock braking systems. As you can imagine, the ABS sensor plays a pretty important role in your vehicle's safety, particularly in emergency situations.

    How ABS Sensors Work

    Crucial to the performance of the ABS system (and in turn your safety when braking in extreme conditions), the ABS speed sensors play an integral part in making sure your ABS controller or ABS module is given the right information on the speed of your wheels, so they can be slowed down in the safest way possible without the risk of any skids or lock ups.

    In order to do this, the ABS sensor uses a toothed wheel (generally attached to the axle) which passes by the sensor, creating a wave form which the sensor then uses to determine the vehicle's wheel speed. Some sensors are responsible for a single wheel, whereas in many older ABS systems, a sensor can be responsible for the entire rear axle of a vehicle. Problems with your vehicle's ABS sensor can be potentially dangerous on the road, and in many cases it may just need a clean, however in some places it may need replacing. Regardless, you'll be alerted of this via the ABS light on your vehicle's dashboard.

    Our Range of ABS Sensors

    If such an eventuality occurs, be sure that you're getting a quality ABS sensor replacement by looking through our range from the Protex, one of Australia's leaders in OE level braking for all vehicles. Our comprehensive range of ABS sensors are all tuned and engineered to work perfectly with your vehicle's individual ABS system, ensuring worry-free braking and the guarantee of safe stopping every time you step on the brake pedal in an emergency.