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Brake Pads

  1. Bendix Brake Pad Set Front General CT DB1424 GCT

    10156-DB1424 GCT
    Front Axle, , Non-ABS; With Front 10in. Disc
  2. Bendix Brake Pad Set Rear General CT DB1425 GCT

    10156-DB1425 GCT
    Rear Axle, , With Rear Bosch Disc
  3. Bendix Brake Pad Set Rear General CT DB1686 GCT

    10156-DB1686 GCT
    Rear Axle, , CJ Series
  4. $69.95
  5. $61.95
  6. $67.95
  7. $69.95
  8. Bendix Brake Pad Set Front General CT DB1474 GCT

    10156-DB1474 GCT
    Front Axle, Australian models
  9. $68.95
  10. $68.95
  11. Bendix Brake Pad Set Front Heavy Duty DB2228HD

    10156-DB2228 HD
    Front Axle, With Front Brembo Caliper
  12. Bendix Brake Pad Set Front General CT DB1510 GCT

    10156-DB1510 GCT
    Front Axle, , ABS; With Front 11in. Disc
  13. Bendix Brake Pad Set Rear General CT DB1521 GCT

    10156-DB1521 GCT
    Rear Axle, With Rear Brembo Disc
  14. Bendix Brake Pad Set Front EURO DB1676 EURO+

    10156-DB1676 EURO+
    Front Axle, With Front 190x106mm Pads
  15. Bendix Brake Pad Set Rear EURO DB2020 EURO+

    10156-DB2020 EURO+
    Rear Axle, With Rear Disc
  16. Bendix Brake Pad Set Rear General CT DB1920 GCT

    10156-DB1920 GCT
    Rear Axle, South African VIN AHT
  17. Bendix Brake Pad Set Rear EURO DB1677 EURO+

    10156-DB1677 EURO+
    Rear Axle, With Rear 117x73mm Pads
  18. Bendix Brake Pad Set Front General CT DB1441 GCT

    10156-DB1441 GCT
    Front Axle, , CJ Series
  19. $68.95
  20. $61.95
  21. $67.95
  22. Bendix Brake Pad Set Rear EURO DB1763 EURO+

    10156-DB1763 EURO+
    , Rear Axle, Front Axle
  23. $74.95
  24. $74.95
  25. Bendix Brake Pad Set Rear General CT DB1475 GCT

    10156-DB1475 GCT
    Rear Axle, , Australian models
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About Brake Pads

Brake pads are the most commonly replaced parts in your entire car, and also have the dual characteristic of influencing your vehicle's performance in an absolutely massive way. Spares Box carries one of Australia's largest online ranges of brake pads to suit just about every driver and vehicle.

How Brake Pads Work

Brake pads are the small plates placed inside your calipers which, when you press the brake pedal, squeeze against the rotor of your wheel, causing you to slow down and eventually stop. Making sure your brake pads aren't worn is one of the most simple ways of ensuring your stopping power is the best it can be, and we stock a massive range of high performance, premium and heavy duty brake pads.

Why Choosing the Right Brake Pads is Crucial

Finding the perfect brake pads is about achieving a certain balance that delivers a braking experience that's tailored to you. This means striking the right right levels of friction, braking responsiveness and stopping distance, along with minimising brake wear, harshness, production of brake dust and vibration levels. Often, a trade-off occurs between the two, but there is a perfect pad for every driver.

Our Range of Brake Pads

Spares Box is proud to offer a huge range of brake pads online from a wide variety of brands, all of which manufacture brake pads to meet specific applications. Bendix are Australia's finest producer of Braking solutions to fit a huge range of vehicles and work specifically in Australian conditions. Bendix's range extends from the Bendix General CT range, which is perfect for every braking in passenger cars, through the Bendix 4WD/SUV ranges for heavy-duty applications, all the way to the Bendix Ultimate and Bendix SRT (Street, Road & Track) ranges for performance braking and track-day use.

Spares Box also offers a great range of brake pads online for more specialised solutions. Our brake pads from the likes of Wagner and Textar are perfect OE-level brake pads for European cars, delivering all the performance that some of Europe's most stringent vehicle manufacturers demand from their original brake pads.

For more high performance driving and extreme braking, be sure to check out our range of performance brake pads, courtesy of world-renowned names like Project Mu and Ferodo.

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