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Brake Rotors

  1. $167.95
  2. $199.95
  3. $184.95
  4. DBA Brake Rotor Rear Pair DBA2213

    Rear, 302mm Diameter; 190mm Internal Hat
  5. $91.95
  6. $257.95
  7. DBA Brake Rotor Rear Pair DBA2245

    Rear, , 330mm Diameter
  8. DBA Brake Rotor Rear Pair DBA2425

    Rear, Suits From 2009
  9. DBA Brake Rotor Slotted T2 Rear Pair DBA906S

    Rear, Suits To 2002
  10. DBA Brake Rotor Front Pair DBA909

    Front, Suits To 2002
  11. $107.95
  12. DBA Brake Rotor Rear Pair DBA906

    Rear, Suits To 2002
  13. DBA Brake Rotor En-Shield Front Pair DBA2028E

    Front, Suits 2009 Model; 321mm Diameter Disc
  14. DBA Brake Rotor En-Shield Front Pair DBA2026E

    Front, 298mm ROTOR
  15. DBA Brake Rotor En-Shield Front Pair DBA2310E

    Front, "Suits 16"" Wheels; 295.6mm Diameter"
  16. DBA Brake Rotor En-Shield Front Pair DBA2316E

    Front, Suits To 2/14
  17. $119.95
  18. DBA Brake Rotor En-Shield Rear Pair DBA2727E

    Rear, Suits 2006-2013
  19. DBA Brake Rotor En-Shield Pair DBA2806E

    Front, Suits up to 2015 only
  20. DBA Brake Rotor En-Shield Pair DBA2813E

    Rear, Suits year 2013-2015
  21. DBA Brake Rotor En-Shield Rear Pair DBA2015E

    Rear, Suits From 9/12; 4 Door
  22. $189.95
  23. $127.95
  24. DBA Brake Rotor En-Shield Front Pair DBA2107E

    Front, , NOTE ... DIA 322MM
  25. $134.95
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About Brake Rotors

If you're feeling like your brakes just aren't giving you the performance they once did, it might be time for new brake rotors. Investing in a good set of replacement brake rotors can save you money in the long run, as they're designed, engineered and manufactured to deal with the high stresses, temperatures and pressures that come with day-to-day street driving.

How Brake Rotors Work

Brake rotors (also known as disc rotors or brake discs) are the biggest and (one of) the most important components in your entire disc brake system. Called rotors because they rotate with your vehicle's wheels, disc rotors are what your brake pads press on when you hit the brake pedal as you drive. As they make contact with the pad at incredible speed, the metal of the brake rotor generates friction with the compound of the pad, slowing your car down.

Our Range of Brake Rotors

All Spares Box replacement brake rotors come from some of the most trusted names in braking, and as a minimum are built to meet OE standards of braking performance, regardless of application. Our range of replacement brake rotors is geared to fit a wide range of applications, from DBA (Disc Brakes Australia) brake rotors to suit the Australian car park, to Textar and Brembo brake rotors to provide OE-quality-and-beyond braking performance for European and high performance vehicles.

Our Disc Brake Brands

Starting with DBA, their range of replacement brake rotors are designed to suit the conditions and vehicles that are regularly seen on Australian roads. Engineered to meet OE standards, the DBA Street Series and the DBA Heavy Duty Street series will deliver outstanding every day braking to meet the exacting standards of both Australian and foreign vehicle manufacturers.

Textar are one of the most well-respected names in European braking, and are one of the most trusted brands by some of Europe's most prestigious manufacturers for the production of their OE brake rotors and parts. If you're running a European vehicle and need replacement brake rotors, no brand offers a more pure OE-level braking experience than Textar.

Famed for their performance brakes and for good reason, Brembo are also respected manufacturers of OE-level brake discs. The Brembo High Carbon range is an outstanding OE-level replacement brake rotor range, where Brembo utilises advanced production techniques to enhance the carbon levels in the brake rotors. This results in perfect OE performance that meets the demands of the Brembo name, with incredible resistance to heat, abrasion and wear.

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