About 3M Vinyl Wraps

3M are one of the leading names in car care products, particularly when it comes to vinyl wraps and car wraps for decorative purposes. Their highly diverse, premium quality range has been the choice of motorsport teams and the world's finest vinyl wrapping workshops for years, and now we're happy to bring the 3M vinyl wrap range directly to customers across Australia.

You may know 3M as the inventor of scotch tape, or you may know them because you have a 3M vinyl wrap on your car, but it's hard to overstate the sheer scale of 3M's operations. Formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing company, 3M is one of the largest multinational manufacturing corporations in the world.

Founded over 110 years ago, 3M have expanded their operations across a century to cover just about every area of industry, from construction to medical products, fire protection and electronic tools, and automotive products like vinyl wraps and car care. 3M now turns over billions of dollars every year, features on the Dow Jones index and the Fortune 500 list, and employs over 85,000 people across the world.

Why Should I Choose 3M Vinyl Wraps?

3M vinyl wraps use revolutionary technology and the legendary 3M production quality to create a line of vinyl wraps, wrap films and car wraps that will make your car stand out above the rest. Available in a huge range of finishes, feels and colours, 3M's wrap range offers the highest levels of customisation, the easiest installation by you or your chosen workshop, and the very best adhesive technology, all of which come together to create not only the perfect finish, but your perfect finish.

Our Range of 3M Vinyl Wraps

Sparesbox is proud to be a one of 3M's leading chosen suppliers of 3M vinyl wraps, 3M vinyl accessories, 3M wrap films and 3M car wraps. Bringing together one of the country's finest ranges of colours, finishes and sizes, we will help you get the look you want for the best price possible.