About Airbag Man

Airbag Man are designers and manufacturers of premium Air Bag Suspension components, made specifically for Australian motorists. Airbag man have built their reputation on using the highest quality components to ensure your vehicle perform effectively in a wide range of riving conditions. Every Airbag Man airbag suspension kit uses high quality airbags which essentially function as very strong, very stable balloons to offer your vehicle's suspension system the additional stability and strength required to carry and tow heavy loads.

Established in 1995, Airbag Man are Australian owned and operated. As such, Airbag Man suspension knows the rigors that Australian drivers encounter driving on Australia's pot-hole riddled roads and extreme 4x4 conditions. Locally designed and manufactured, Airbag man pride themselves on producing well designed, easy to install products that comply with ISO9001.

Why Should I Choose Airbag Man Air Bag Suspension?

Unlike conventional 4x4 lift kit’s, airbag suspension kits offer a great towing and load-carrying enhancement without having to sacrifice your vehicle's ride quality by installing heavy duty springs or shock absorbers. Airbag Man provides Airbag Suspension solutions for a huge variety of applications and vehicles. For every day support across a huge range of 4x4s, SUVs and commercial vehicles,

Airbag Man are responsible for a great range of coil-assist kits that work with your vehicle's existing suspension, while they also offer full coil replacement kits for heavy duty, adjustable suspension overhauls for serious drivers. All Airbag man kits are easy to inflate and deflate to ensure you get the adjustable levels of support to go with the demands of carrying varying loads while maintaining a comfortable ride. 

Our Range of Airbag Man Air Bag Suspension

Airbag Man produces both standard airbags and heavy duty airbag kits, all of which are easy to inflate and deflate. Airbag Man also manufacture all of the accessories you need to maintain and use your airbag suspension system to its full potential. Every Airbag Man airbag suspension kit comes with the necessary components required for quick and easy installation so you can get on the road in the utmost convenience. Airbag Man also offer a wide range of the necessary pumps, individual airbags and maintenance components that make your life using an Airbag Man kit much more convenient.