Alcolimit Breathalyzers

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About Alcolimit Breathalyzers

Alcolimit is Australia's leading manufacturer of premium-quality breathalysers. Having undergone strict testing for accuracy and reliability and fully tested by the Police Laboratory (NATA Lab.) before being released to the Australian market, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting an accurate breath alcohol reading every time.
Every Alcolimit Breathalyzer unit is freshly calibrated for accuracy before leaving the Alcolimit warehouse to ensure that you are getting accurate breath alcohol limit from the very first test.

Why Should I Choose Alcolimit Breathalyzers?

Every year, thousands of Australian drivers are convicted of drink driving. Not only is drink driving dangerous and potentially fatal for you and other road users, A drink driving conviction can significantly impede future career and travel prospects.

While web based standard drink calculators and blood alcohol calculators such as the “r u pissed calculator” are useful for giving an approximate blood alcohol calculation, they don’t tell the full BAC story.

Alcolimit Breathalyzers have been scientifically developed to give you an accurate blood alcohol calculation. Whether you work in mining, construction, manufacturing, transport, occupational health & safety, hospital, medical or hospitality where routine Blood Alcohol testing is required or you’re after a personal breathalyzer, Alcolimit Breathalyzers have something to suit your needs.

Our Range of Alcolimit Breathalyzers

Sparesbox is pleased to offer a range of Alcolimit Breathalyzers suitable for personal or professional applications. Ideal for personal use, the AlcoLimit Nano Breathalyser is a safe and cost effective way to ensure that you are under the breath alcohol limit before you get behind the wheel. For professional applications where routine breath testing is carried out, the AlcoLimit Enforcer 2 Breathalyser and AlcoLimit Enforcer 3 Breathalyser are the ideal solution.