About Battery Link

Battery Link offers solution's for all aspects of your vehicle's battery and engine electronics, Battery link has all the battery accessories to keep your vehicle's electrics running efficiently and reliably for the life of your battery. Battery Link offer battery chargers, battery terminals, jumper leads, battery cables, brackets and battery boxes as well as discharge protectors to ensure that your vehicle's battery is taken care of.

From your vehicles battery and ignition systems, through the lights and horns that form some of the most vital safety components of your vehicle, to the accessories, power outlets and plugs that you see in almost every modern car, Battery Link has you covered.

Part of the trusted Haigh family that's been operating in Australia for over 40 years, Battery Link offer all of the electronic components, cables and accessories that keep electricity flowing safely and smoothly throughout all areas of your vehicle.

Why Should I Choose Battery Link?

Vehicle electrics are being used to enhance our driving experience more and more as the years go by, and Battery link have catered for this by offering a wide range of power sockets and socket accessories to convert all manner of vehicles into the kind required to service modern business and entertainment.

Our Range of Battery Link Products

The Battery Link range extends from USB car chargers, cigarette lighters and musical air horns, to the power sockets, plugs and accessory plugs that are useful for powering the wide range of mobile phones, portable music players and satnav systems used by modern drivers every day.

Linking your battery to the other areas of your vehicle that require electric power, Spares Box also offers an outstanding range of Battery link starter cables, fuses, relays and generic auto wiring, all of which are made for premium reliability, performance and strength in all conditions.