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About Bikeservice

Bikeservice, founded by Apo Tool International Ltd, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of motorcycle service tools. Created for enthusiasts seeking superior motorbike tools that make repair and maintenance simple, Bikeservice understands that only motorbike service tools can accurately repair and service motorbikes, not automotive repair tools.

Unlike automotive tool companies, Bikeservice motorbike repair tools are designed solely for motorcycle applications which means exact fitment every time. Bikeservice conduct extensive research and development to fully understand the function, strong point, defect, dimension, and material of different motorbike tools to create a database that serves as a reference point for creating the most accurate and suitable tools for motorcycle repair and service.  


Why Should I choose Bikeservice Motorbike Tools?


Bikeservice are constantly researching, innovating, and improving to create market leading motorbike service tools suitable for application on the widest range of motorbikes. Committed to engineering the most reliable connection between human and motorcycle, Bikeservice tools offer a secure, durable, and reliable way of servicing your motorbike.

Bikeservice are not only inventors, they are also a design house. This means that Bikeservice can build and extensively test their motorcycle repair tools before they ever reach the market. From initial conception, to design, and all the way through to the finished product, Bikeservice are there every step of the way to ensure that every motorbike repair tool in their catalogue performs exactly as you would expect.


Our Range of Bikeservice Products


Sparesbox are pleased to be one of Australia’s premier suppliers of Bikeservice motorbike repair tools. Sparesbox range of Bikeservice motorbike repair tools includes Electric System Tools, Fuel Injection & Carburetion Tools, Engine System Tools, Clutch, and Transmission Tools, Steering and Suspension Tools, Brake System Tools, Wheel and Chain Tools, and General Service Tools. Bikeservice motorbike repair tools are suitable for application on some of the world’s leading motorbike brands including Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Honda, Suzuki  and many more.