About Bilstein Suspension

Bilstein are the market leaders in gas monotube shock absorbers. Synonymous with uncompromising performance and pioneering technology, Bilstein have been supplying suspension components to the most demanding motor sport categories for more than 50 years, winning multiple world championships in the arenas of Formula One, Baja Racing and World Rally. At the same time, Bilstein have succeeded in kitting out drivers across the world with the finest everyday suspension parts across a massive range of passenger, 4x4, commercial and performance applications. Whether you're on the track, heading off-road in your 4WD, towing or tackling the urban commute, no one does dampers quite like Bilstein.

Bilstein manufacture a diverse range of Shock Absorbers, Coilover Kits and Lift Ktis to suit a wide range of applications including; Bilstein B4 Shock Absorbers, Bilstein B6 Shock Absorbers, Bilstein B8 Shock Absorbers, Bilstein B14 Coilover Kits, Bilstein B16 Coilover Kits, Bilstein Clubsport Coilover Kits, and Bilstein Lift Kits.

Why Should I Choose Blistein?

Bilstein are the chosen suspension supplier of race teams, mechanics, every day drivers and off-road enthusiasts worldwide. By investing in a set of Bilstein shocks for your car, you're guaranteeing premium engineering, lasting build quality and incredible performance. All Bilstein Shock absorbers are developed and tested in Germany in some of the world's highest performance vehicles, meaning you get the effects of increased performance and stability, wherever or whatever you may be driving.

Our Range of Bilstein Products

Sparesbox stocks an extensive range of Bilstein shock absorbers, from 4x4 shocks for heavy duty and commercial applications, to performance and OE replacement shock absorbers that guarantee reliability and long-lasting performance. We also integrate Bilstein shock absorbers and dampers into our great range of suspension lowering kits to improve the handling and aesthetics of your 4x4. For heavy duty suspension, off road and towing suspension applications, Bilstein 4WD shock absorbers are often incorporated into our wide range of 4x4 lift kits. These shock absorbers are able to work at higher pressures, higher temperatures and under heavier loads to ensure a responsive ride when your vehicle is working its hardest.

Sparesbox also stocks the Bilstein B6 range of shock absorbers, which are a great middle-man for use in vehicles where increased performance and load-carrying capability is desired without fully making the leap of investing in a sports dampening system. All Bilstein shock absorbers integrate their cutting-edge monotube and gas technologies, delivering faster heat dissipation under high stress conditions and allowing your Shock Absorber to not only work harder and more reliably day-to-day, but also enjoy a longer and healthier service life.

Shope the entire range of Bilstein Products Inlcuding Bilstein B4 Shock AbsorbersBilstein B6 Shock AbsorbersBilstein B8 Shock AbsorbersBilstein B14 Coilover KitsBilstein B16 Coilover KitsBilstein Clubsport Coilover Kits, and Bilstein Lift Kits.