About Borg Warner

Borg Warner Turbocharger systems are synonymous with innovation, speed, flexibility and an unrivalled customer focus that sets them apart from the competition. Each Borg Warner Turbocharger features precision engineering that can only be learned from decades of championship level motorsports participation and include a legacy that is embedded into every turbocharger that they produce.

Borg Warner turbochargers can be found in the IZOD INDYCAR, Drag Cars, Drift Cars and high performance street cars all over the world. Borg Warner race to learn and have established themselves as the world leader in turbos for high speed, high temperature gasoline engines.

Why Should I choose Borg Warner Turbochargers?

Borg Warner manufacture the most technologically advanced aftermarket turbocharger systems on the market.

The Borg Warner EFR line of turbos was born out of an internal turbocharger system labelled Advanced Aftermarket Products or AAP. Engineered for performance oriented drivers chasing big power and consistent performance, EFR turbochargers are capable of handling 45-50 psi (3 bar+) of boost. Differing from conventional commercial units found in stock vehicles such as the k03 and k04 range of turbochargers, Borg Warner EFR Turbochargers are lightweight, compact and deliver very high exhaust gas temperatures with minimal lag and fast response.

Borg Warner EFR Turbochargers provide an unprecedented combination of advanced technologies. Capable of producing big power that has been traditionally reserved for much larger units, the Borg Warner EFR line utilise low-weight Gamma-Ti turbine wheels and shaft assemblies that deliver quick boost response on units producing 225hp to 1,000hp.

Our Range of Borg Warner Turbochargers

Sparesbox has teamed up with Borg Warner to offer an extensive range of turbochargers from standard OE replacement units in the Borg Warner Airwerks Turbocharger Range right through to the powerful and efficient EFR range of turbochargers capable of producing more than 1,000hp. Borg Warner turbochargers are suitable for application on a range of Euro, American, Australian and Japanese vehicles.