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About Brembo Brakes

Truly a household name and known throughout the Automotive world, Brembo is one of the world's most famous and well-respected names in braking. With one of the Italians' most extensive ranges available down under, Sparesbox has you covered for Brembo Brake Pads, Australia wide.

Brembo have been around for over 50 years, starting from a small disc brake manufacturer near Milan and slowly growing over the decades to become one of the world's most renowned brake manufacturers. Originally making braking components for Alfa Romeo back in the mid 60's, Brembo now have their braking components sourced by some of the world's most prestigious car manufacturers for use in their vehicles, including Ferrari, Porsche, BMW M series, Nissan NISMO and Mercedes-Benz AMG.

Why Should I Choose Brembo Brakes?

Now one of the world's largest producers of braking components for all vehicles, Brembo manufacture an outstanding range of performance and OE-level aftermarket brake pads, and Sparesbox is truly proud to stock a massive range of these parts to fit a wide variety of vehicles.

Brembo are most famed for their presence in the motorsport and motoring enthusiast sector, and it's common to find a set of red brembo-branded aluminum calipers on the wheels of some of the world's finest performance cars. Brembo are proud to manufacture braking solutions for motorsport teams across all disciplines, from Formula 1 to Rally and everything in between.

Our Range of Brembo Brakes

Sparesbox's range of Brembo brakes includes a great variety of their brake pads, all of which are crafted from premium materials in Brembo's own foundaries and factories to deliver outstanding braking performance with the utmost safety and efficiency. All Brembo brake pads are manufactured to specific OE-level specifications to deliver brilliant stopping power with reduced noise and wear.

With a massive range of vehicles fitted, the beauty of Brembo brake pads is that they make true Brembo braking performance accessible to every driver. Every OE-level brembo brake pad, is manufactured and engineered to meet the exact performance characteristics of the vehicle it's being fitted in, meaning you get perfect braking with every push of the pedal.