California Scents
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About California Scents

With more than twenty years’ experience keeping vehicles smelling better than new, California scents is the first 100% pure, organic fragrance oil air freshener packed in an environmentally friendly aluminium can.

California Scents are hand manufactured in the USA with a refreshingly environmentally conscious approach to keeping your car smelling fresh. Available in more than fifty different scents and stocked in 80 countries around the world, California Scents car air fresheners have a product to suit every palate.

Why Should I Choose California Scents?

Aerosol air fresheners are not only detrimental to the environment; they can also be harmful to the interior of your vehicle. Laced with destructive chemicals, consistent use of aerosol air fresheners has the capacity to wear away at your interior and cause irreversible damage to plastic, leather and wooden surfaces.

California Scents are different. Packed in an aluminium can that sits neatly in your vehicles cup holder or under the seat, California Scents provide a long lasting alternative to conventional aerosol air fresheners. Whether you’re after that nostalgic ‘new car smell’ or something more tropical, California Scents extensive range of car fragrances will make you forget about that gym bag full of sweaty clothes that you left in your car while you were away on holidays.

Our Range of California Scents

Sparesbox is pleased to offer an extensive range of Australia’s favourite car air freshener, California Scents. Our entire collection of California Scents fragrances Including California Scents Laguna BreezeCalifornia Scents VanillaCalifornia Scents CherryCalifornia Scents StrawberryCalifornia Scents New Car Smell Air FreshenerCalifornia Scents Cranberry, and California Scents Melon has been selected with every scent preference and application in mind.