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About Cargo Mate

Part of Haigh Australia’s renowned product range, Cargo Mate is a 100% Aussie brand aimed at making the lives of commercial drivers, ute owners and every day holiday makers just that little bit easier.

With a wealth of experience and a strong understanding of the local market, Cargo Mate utilise the best materials, the finest build quality and a commitment to exceeding the needs and expectations of drivers nationwide. Cargo Mate have developed a brilliant range of tough, simple to use and efficient trailer parts, cargo nets, luggage straps and all the attachments in between that help your vehicle handle all manner of cargo.

Why Should I Choose Cargo Mate?

Every Cargo Net product comes with the Haigh guarantee of quality that have led to them becoming one of the most trusted names in the Automotive parts and accessories market.

Cargo Mate’s range isn’t just designed at keeping your luggage safe and secure in your vehicle, but protecting your vehicle itself from the wear and tear that comes with a hard working life. Cargo Mate pet barriers, tow ropes and carriers are all designed to secure as firmly to your vehicle as possible, ensuring that whatever may lay on your luggage rack, your trailer or off the back of your vehicle is unable to cause your set of wheels any damage.

Our Range of Cargo Mate Products

Cargo Mate’s range of accessories is incredibly diverse, set up to deal with the needs of drivers of all kinds. Spares Box is happy to stock a huge range of parts from Cargo Mate, including luggage straps, bike carriers and base plates, as well as ropes, towing mounts and tie down anchor points. For large scale anchoring of loads and luggage,

Sparesbox carries a great offering of Cargo Mate cargo nets, luggage nets, trailer nets and heavy duty tray back load covers. Sparesbox also stock a wide range of Cargo Mate Containers, Cargo Mate Jerry Cans, and Cargo Mate Accessories