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About Castrol

Castrol is one of the true global leaders in automotive oils, lubricants and fluids. Boasting an entire product range extensively developed with the full power and budget of parent company BP, you can be sure that every bottle of Castrol oil has undergone some of the best research, the best development and the most advanced production techniques of them all.

Why Should I Choose Castrol?

Named after the successful range of castor motor oils that made them so successful in the first place, Castrol have been developing one of the world's strongest ranges of engine oils, beginning with the very first lubricants to use castor oil as part of the formulations of their lubricants, for over 50 years. Now selling their products in over 140 countries worldwide, Castrol really is a dominant global power in the automotive industry. As such, Castrol is the chosen OEM engine oil maker for a variety of car manufacturers, many of whom have worked with Castrol in co-engineering their oils. These include Audi, BMW, Ford, Volvo and Volkswagen.

Our Range of Castrol Oils

Castrol's main game is engine oils, and they play it well. Castrol boast 3 main ranges of engine oil, all of which feature the latest technology to cater for all manner of engines, vehicles, drivers and applications. The flagship product of Castrol, Castrol Edge, is their fully synthetic oil range designed to provide the maximum performance through unrivalled strength.

Castrol's MAGNATEC range is made to deliver the very best protection for engines during start up and every day running through the use of unique molecules that stick to otherwise neglected vital engine parts.

At the entry level, Castrol GTX is made to clear sludge and grime away from your enigne like nothing else, extending its life and ensuring that your engine is always at its cleanest.

Castrol also boast an extremely impressive range of other fluids and lubricants including; Catrol Activ, Castrol Transmax, Castrol Edge, Castrol GTX, Castrol Hyspin, Castrol Magnatec, Castrol Power 1, Castrol RX. Castrol Syntrans, Castrol Syntrax, Castrol Vecton, and Castrol VMX.