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About Castrol Activ

Motorcycle engines rev hard, run hard and are driven hard, meaning they need the absolute best protection. This is where Castrol Activ comes in, acting as essentially a 24/7 bodyguard for your motorcycle engine to keep it cool, protected and clean in all conditions. Where many motorcycle oils are designed to be as simple and cheap as possible, Castrol Activ is formulated just like their car oils, incorporating the best technologies with the finest base oils to create a truly premium product for your motorcycle's needs.

In order to do this, both Castrol Activ 4T and Castrol Activ 2T use exclusive Actibond technology, which acts in a similar way to their Magnatec car engine oil. These Actibond molecules bond to your motorcycle's cruciial engine parts to keep them clean, lubricated and protected even when the engine is off. This means that your motorcycle has the best protection in hot and cold, on or off and from the first rev to the very last.