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About Castrol Edge

Castrol EDGE is the epitome of Castrol's engine oil technology. Truly the definition of what Castrol specifies as "Liquid Engineering", Castrol EDGE is the result of Castrol's 115 years of constant innovation and combines the finest synthetic engine oils with the finest additives and materials to provide unrivalled protection, performance and cleaning power for your engine.

In the last 30 years, engine pressure has almost doubled in conventional vehicles, making it crucial for an engine oil to be as strong as possible. No oil is strong quite like Castrol EDGE, which is boosted with TITANIUM FST to double it's film strength and performance under extreme temperatures and pressures. This means the maximum strength, maximum protection and, most importantly, maximum performance.

Castrol EDGE is available across a wide range of grades and viscosities, including their incredible successful Castrol EDGE 5W30 oil, making the range perfect for use in all modern vehicles, performance vehicles and prestige cars. As such, Castrol EDGE is one of the most trusted oils worldwide by vehicle manufacturers, race teams and the leading mechanics.