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About Castrol Power 1

Castrol POWER 1 is designed to deliver one thing to your motorcycle's performance: THRILL. With a range of incredible synthetic motorcycle engine oils, Castrol POWER 1 won't just protect your motorbike's engine, but it will also aid in delivering the very best acceleration and engine power with every touch of the throttle. Every Castrol POWER 1 Product is designed to cope with the highest pressures and stresses that come with the battleground of competition racing. Castrol POWER 1 also delivers everything you need from a premium engine oil, keeping your motorcycle engine clean, protected and lubricated in all conditions.

Castrol's POWER 1 range comes in 3 key formulas, each tailored to meet the needs of every level of performance and sports bikes. The flagship of the POWER 1 range, POWER 1 Racing, is a fully synthetic 4-stroke engine oil that provides the greatest performance for racing bikes, high performance road bikes and competition use. Designed for more use on the road, Castrol POWER 1 GPS and Castrol POWER 1 TTS Racing 2T are more suited to touring bikes, prestige performance bikes and high-performance 2-stroke motorcycle engines.