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About Castrol Syntrans

Castrol Syntrans is the largest range of fully synthetic transmission and driveline fluids that Castrol produce. Every bottle of transmission fluid stamped with the Syntrans name is guaranteed to provide the ultimate performance, no matter what the application. In order to guarantee this, Castrol have used the finest high fluidity synthetic oils that are designed to work not only in the gearboxes and drivelines of every day cars, but also in heavy duty vehicles, equipment and trucks.

With a huge range of Castrol Syntrans products to choose from, every bottle goes above and beyond the normal standards of what a transmission oil should do, ensuring the very best protection, transmission performance and stability in even the most extreme conditions. Syntrans is also formulated to provide the best in protection against wear, corrosion and deposit build ups, making sure your transmission enjoys the longest, healthiest life possible. With Castrol Syntrans, you really can go into every gear change with the confidence that it will be as smooth as could be.