About Castrol Transmax

When it comes to finding the most premium solution for protecting and maintaining your vehicle's automatic transmission, look no further than Castrol Transmax. Formulated from the finest synthetic transmission fluids for the ultimate protection against transmission wear, Castrol Transmax delivers the optimum in transmission performance by ensuring the smoothest shifts, enhanced control of shuddering and clutch slipping, and unrivalled protection against corrosion and deposits.

Castrol Transmax is available in a great range to suit a massive range of vehicles. Castrol Transmax Multivehicle suits almost any modern Asian-made automatic transmission, while the Transmax range also extends across a huge range of vehicle-specific applications for those transmissions that have certain performance requirements. No matter which Transmax oil is right for you, you can be sure that either way you're getting the very best oil quality, protection and performance.