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About Champion Spark Plugs

Champion are the world's largest producer of spark plugs, and a household name in the production of car parts and components for both OEM and motor sport usage. Founded over 100 years ago, they've helped to pioneer a massive amount of auto part technologies that are commonly seen in cars today, and have advanced the manufacturing of spark plugs for just about every type of engine ever made.

Champion were founded over 100 years ago, and are one of the most successful names ever to come out of the American automotive industry. The trust that has been built in their name is absolutely unparralled, and throughout their history Champion have developed spark plugs, spare parts and components for some of the world's most historic vehicles, including the Ford Model T, the Eurostar bullet train, Concorde and the Thrust 2 world land speed record car. Their innovation and reputation for technological advancement has led them to help develop some of the most revolutionary technologies in auto part manufacturing, including the use of precious metals in things like iridium spark plugs and platinum spark plugs.

Why Should I Choose Champion?

Champion are also one of the most recognisable names in the world of motorsport, and it's fair to say that if you've ever been to a race track or seen one on TV, you've probably seen their famous black and red logo at some point or another. Champion have one of the proudest histories in world motorsport, and Champion sparked cars have won the Formula 1 World Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans multiple times. Champion spark plugs are still favoured to this day by many teams throughout F1, NASCAR, Rally, Endurance and Touring Car Racing.

Champion spark plugs have been brought down under by one of Australia's leading distributors of world-renowned auto parts, who are also responsible for famous brands like Ferodo and K&N Filters. Their immense production capacity, status as a household name and reputation for quality makes them an incredibly popular choice for mechanics, drivers and manufacturers alike, and it's likely that millions of Champion-sparked cars take to Australian roads every day.

Champion spark plugs are also trusted in the motorsport circles of Australia, and they're the official spark plug supplier to the ever-popular V8 Utes that travels Australia every year.

Our Range of Champion Spark Plugs

Spares Box has a massive range of Champion spark plugs, and unparralled access to the Champion Spark Plug catalogue which affords the best access to their parts available nationwide. Our range of Spark Plugs include; Champion Copper Spark PlugsChampion Marine Spark PlugsChampion Platinum Spark Plugs, and Champion Industrial Spark Plugs. All of these spark plugs strive to meet different goals and exceed expectations by a long way, whether they be plug life, eco-friendliness, or flat out performance.