Dayco Viscous Fan Clutch 115103

Fitment: Engine Bay

Dayco Viscous Fan Clutch 115101

Fitment: Engine Bay

Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2262 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2264 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2503 Dayco
Deflection Guide Pulley Serpentine Belt APV2517 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2528 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2501 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2502 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2476 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2498 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2478 Dayco
Deflection Guide Pulley Serpentine Belt APV2499 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2466 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2474 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2424 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2465 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2422 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2423 Dayco
Deflection Guide Pulley Serpentine Belt APV2387 Dayco
Deflection Guide Pulley Serpentine Belt APV2421 Dayco
Belt Tensioner Serpentine Belt APV2310 Dayco

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About Dayco

Dayco has been a leader in aftermarket automotive components for over 100 years. Sourced from their global network of ISO certified manufacturing facilities, Dayco products offer outstanding value and quality. Dayco's extensive research and development facilities guarantee that the majority of their products are OE quality or better, and you can be absolutely certain that a Dayco replacement part will last the distance.

Why Should I Choose Dayco?

Dayco's quality reputation has led to them gaining many accolades throughout their rich history. Since their inception and introduction down under, they have not only come to dominate the Australian Aftermarket in engine and transmission components, but their quality name has also led them to become the chosen OEM for a huge range of some of the world's most prestigious car manufactuers. If you've recently bought a new car, there's a strong chance it has at least one Dayco part in it.

Our Range of Dayco

Sparesbox range of Dayco includes an extensive range of vehicle parts and uses, and they're best known for their premium range of belts, pulleys and brackets that make up some of your engine's most vital components. The peak of Dayco's innovation and commitment to product quality comes within it's massive range of Accessory Belts, Timing Belt Kits, Timing Belts, Automatic Belt Tensioners, Radiator Fans, and OE Replacement Thermostats

Manufactured from advanced polyurethane materials, with revolutionary ribbing in the case of the serpentine belts to create OE-spec engine belts that at the same time are still thoroughly advanced. All Dayco engine belts are reinforced with advanced aramid compounds and are built to work perfectly in the high mileage, high wear conditions that often lead to slippage, misalignment and noisy belt operation.

Dayco belt tensioners are also built to perform better, for longer, with an innovative design comprising of high quality materials helping to reduce serpentine or timing belt malfunction better than the competition.